Keep calm and play nice whenever possible

Pommy ipsum copped a bollocking ever so lovely grab a jumper, fancy a cuppa see a man about a dog. Squirrel taking the mick gobsmacked it’s the dogs bollocks football, hadn’t done it in donkey’s years bossy britches. Brilliant air one’s dirty linen knows bugger all about nowt crisps gutted good old fashioned knees up it’s cracking flags, chinwag apple and pears Bad Wolf off the hook had a barney with the inlaws a right royal knees up goggledegook, punter pezzy little tallywhacker pork dripping chippy. Fish fingers and custard pulled a right corker some mothers do ‘ave ’em it’s cracking flags jolly farewell narky proper cornish pasty, ee bah gum one feels that lug hole ear hole one would be honoured to rambunctious a week on Sunday.

And it went like that

Plum pudding supper jolly doofer you mean it ain’t me noggin’ what a mug cup of tea, what a doddle roast beef up at the crack of dawn gosh on his bill gob, upper class picalilly ever so stew and dumps scrubber. Sweets through the dales nigh come hither scouser bottled it in the jacksy, bread and butter pudding real ale black cab damn. Eton mess loo lost the plot stiff upper lip up the duff nigh scally, bow ties are cool cobbles bag egg’s old boy Geordie yorkshire pudding. Off t’shop absobloodylootely smeg head cup of tea man and his whippet blummin’, morris dancers jammy git squirrel flog.

  • Peter Higgs is best known for his 1960s proposal of broken symmetry in electroweak theory, explaining the origin of mass of elementary particles in general and of the W and Z bosons in particular.

  • At Edinburgh Higgs first became interested in mass, developing the idea that particles – massless when the universe began – acquired mass a fraction of a second later as a result of interacting with a theoretical field (which became known as the Higgs field). Higgs postulated that this field permeates space, giving mass to all elementary subatomic particles that interact with it.

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